About seed

(Student Empowerment for Environmental Development)


SEED became a reality from the realization that the unrestrained environmental devastation   will lead to mass destruction of earth. It is the responsibility of each individual to be a part of all attempts, which aim to save the earth and the future generations from environmental devastation. SEED is the novel project which aims to make school children aware of the importance of environmental protection and to make such activities part of their daily life. The six-year-old project, which attracted the attention of the world, is heading towards its seventh successful year. Students from UP, High School and higher secondary schools in the state are in the forefront of the project. This year the Lower Primary schools and Colleges are also a part of the project. Pillars of support to them, teachers, parents, various government departments, private and public sector undertakings are with them too. SEED is for our earth, for better tomorrow and for us. Let us all join together under the canopy of this greenery  .