World Environmental Day Celebration

By : Mount Guide International School On 7th July 2015

Category : Innovative methods for environmental protection

REPORT OF WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY CELEBRATION Date: 05/06/15 Each year, World Environment Day is observed by the United Nations family and by communities across the globe to raise awareness about the importance of environment in our lives. It is a time to reflect, not just about the challenges we face, but on the many initiatives, small and large, that people are involved in the world over to make sure that the world becomes a better, safer, more equitable place for mankind. “Seven Billion Dreams ,One planet ,Consume with Care” keeping this theme of World Environment Day 2015, Mount Guide International celebrated the day as per the instructions from the Director of CBSE vide circular number ACAD-23/2015 dated 27-05-15. The School commemorated the special day with a host of activities across grades. Special assembly was conducted on that day with variety programmes to give awareness regarding environmental issues. The beginning of the celebration was marked with plantation of important tree species at the school campus. Students expressed their support for the day by making models, posters, drawings and these were displayed in the entrance area. Section wise programs and competitions were conducted as follows: Classes I- IV • ‘Do s Don’ts for conservation of energy’ – Awareness Class • Identifying and listing animals like squirrels which play an important role in conserving the environment • Slogan writing Competition Classes V- VII • Poster making competition – Theme – ‘Save energy, Protect Your Environment’ • Quiz (Around 50 students participated in the quiz competition and conducted the competition in 3 Rounds.First ,Second and Third place winners were given certificates and prizes) Classes VIII – X • Essay Writing Competition- Role of wild life Sanctuaries in conserving wild life General Steps taken up for environmental protection and conservation: Projects : • To make the Campus a plastic free area Proper separation and disposal of organic and plastic waste, Collection of plastic waste to hand over to plastic recycling unit. Bins for separating degradable and non degradable waste in each floor. Bins were handed over to the eco club members in each floor for dumping degradable and non degradable waste. Students came forward with a project of collect plastic waste separately to hand over to plastic recycling unit. • Creating awareness among public regarding the harmful effects of plastic • Planting Trees (A sapling per class) • Herbal Garden maintenance and extension School is having herbal garden with many medicinal plants. On account of environment Day project , ecoclub members decided to do the maintenance by removing weeds and added many plants as the part of extension of it. • Identifying and implementing ways to conserve energy Our school is registered in ‘SEED’ - a greening project implemented by Mathrubhoomi daily which aims to make school children aware of the importance of environment protection and make such activities part of their daily life. ****************************

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World Environmental Day Celebration