National Youth Day

On : January - 21

 Government of India has declared Jan 12th as "National Youth Day". Because, On this day in the year 1863, was born the great philosopher, an inspiration to the youth, the embodiment of Indian culture and intelligence "Sri Swami Vivekananda".


He stands as a role model for generations in various respects. The path laid by saintly philosophers, for leading a truthful and purified life is hardly followed by the materialistic society of today. Swami Vivekanada inspired many people including great leaders like Nethaji Subash Chandra Bose through his works. His works and knowledge is an ideal and inspiration for the youth to achieve greater things in life.


It is required for us to spread knowledge and his literature to the society, to build good characters and true citizens of the Nation. We must take the responsibility for the development of Individuals, villages and cities. Let us all put our efforts together to make a better society.


-    Work towards the development of the Nation

-   Work for fulfillment of basic needs of people

-   Create awareness in the people in various aspects of Health, Education, Technology, etc.